Get bonuses on your first 3 deposits at Brazino

Brazzino 777 is an online casino and sports betting site that has a complete promotion system for its new and frequent users. From brazzino bonuses or welcome packages, to promotions on special dates and attractive return percentages, among others, this platform seeks to attract new customers and ensure the loyalty of old ones.

Below we'll give you the details of each type of bonus, promotional code and conditions that you must meet in order to enjoy the benefits of Brazzino. Read on and find out more in this article.

Brazino welcome bonus

The Welcome Package offered by the official Brazzino casino is the start of the adventure for new users of this site. It consists of bonuses corresponding to the first, second and third deposits. It works like this:

  • 100% on the first deposit
  • 75% on the second
  • 50% on the third

This pack is received by the new Brazzino 777 user as soon as they complete their registration process on the platform. That's when you have to click on the Welcome Pack option to access the bonus percentages mentioned.

Maximum welcome package amounts at 777 Brazzino

New users of the Brazzino casino should take into account the following maximum values and activate the bonuses presented in their welcome package:

Deposit types Maximum amounts

  • First three deposits 20 R, 10 USD, 10 EUR
  • 100% first deposit bonus 1000 R, 50 USD 50, EUR 50
  • 75% second deposit bonus R1000, USD75, EUR75
  • 50% third deposit bonus R2,000, USD100, EUR100

Likewise, the bonus bet is x30 for casino games, with the clarification that it is x50 if paid in euros. In other words, Brazzino users must wager on casino games with a total value of more than 30 times the amount corresponding to this promotion. After that, the value of the offer can be withdrawn.

Brazzino Welcome Package exceptions and conditions

The Welcome Package of the Brazzino online casino and sportsbook has some special conditions, including exceptions. These include games accompanied by live dealers, virtual sports (eSports) and crash games (Aviator, Spaceman, Pilot, Space XY, among others).

Brazzino 777 takes 5% of bets on roulette, poker, cards, dice, arcades, blackjack and baccarat. On the other hand, for new users who place sports bets, 400% of the bet is taken.

In the same vein, the sports betting bonus only applies if there is a minimum bet of 1.35 and a minimum of 4 events on the ticket the customer receives. Another exception are single and system bets, which are not included in the Welcome Package.

Brazzino's management reserves the right to change the delivery conditions of the Welcome Package without notifying its customers. Therefore, users should pay attention to up-to-date information on the policies of this Brazino777 bonus published on this platform.

Brazino Booster Monday promo code

One of the special considerations of Brazzino online casino and sportsbook is the Monday Booster promo code. This is based on increasing the amount deposited by means of a bonus of up to 100%. In addition, it is valid as long as it is processed on Mondays from 00:00 to 23:59 Brazilian time.

The following table will make it clearer for you the equivalences of the values in the different denominations that Brazzino delivers for Monday Booster:

Bonus percentage value

  • 50% 50 R, 15 USD, 15 EUR
  • 75% 100 R, 25 USD, 25 EUR
  • 100% 200 R, 50 USD, 50 EUR

Brazzino conditions for Monday boosters

The effectiveness of applying the Monday Booster promo code is based on:

  • The offer is only available on Mondays, from 00:00 to 23:59 Brazilian time
  • The bonus amount depends on the amount deposited and may change
  • Monday Booster is only available to users with more than three deposits
  • The maximum amounts of this promo code are R 1,000, USD 200 and EUR 200
  • For casino games, the wagering mode is x30. That is, it applies to bets that exceed the amount by up to 30 times.
  • In the Sports category, the bonus counts as 400% of the bet amount.

In short, the Booster is only used on sports bets with minimum odds of 1.35 and a minimum of 4 tournaments or matches on the ticket. The exclusion of system bets and single bets, and Welcome Package exceptions relating to match and dealer games, are also part of this promo code.

Brazino weekly cashback bonus of up to 12%

It's not just Mondays that have their moment of glory at Brazzino casino and betting. Every Thursday on this platform you can take advantage of the Cash Back bonus, with which you can play your favorite slots and get up to 12% of your bet back if you lose several spins.

This promo code works if you make your deposit to play any of Brazzino's more than 500 slot titles. Then, depending on how your slot round went, every Thursday you'll receive a refund of up to 12% for what you played from the Friday of the previous week until the previous Wednesday.

Conditions of validity of the 12% Cashback bonus

At the official Brazzino, the 12% cashback is calculated from the results of slot games played from Friday at 00:00 until the following Wednesday at 23:59 Brasília time. In addition, users with bets and deposits made on slots in less than 5 days of the 6-day billing period receive a 7% refund.

In this vein, customers who bet on slots during 5 of the 6 days required for Brazzino billing will receive 10% cashback. Similarly, VIP users who place bets and/or deposit funds on at least one of the 6 days set for billing on the platform will receive a 12% bonus.

If the cashback amount exceeds the amount of the largest deposit made during Brazzino's billing period, the user will receive a cashback bonus equal to the largest deposit. On the other hand, the minimum refund amounts are 1 R, 1 USD and 1 EUR. And if the system gets overloaded on Thursday, the 12% cashback day, cashback offers will be extended to some players until the following Friday.

Exclusive bonuses on the official Brazzino

This category managed by Brazzino 777 online casino and live sportsbook has the particularity of being designed for its users. In other words, they are personalized bonuses according to the needs and information that customers provide during their registration process.

Another feature is that Brazzino informs its users via newsletters and SMS about promotional codes and offers designed especially for them. Thus, the customer only has to follow the instructions and be aware of the specifics of each weekly offer, such as:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Invitations to tournaments
  • Lottery alerts

To take into account Brazzino's exclusive bonuses

At 777 Brazzino you can customize these promotions. This is possible on the basis of the information they receive during the registration process, the alerts and communications sent to customers will work. Therefore, if the player violates any of the rules of this site, we reserve the right not to issue or cancel the effects of these bonuses.

Likewise, the 777 Brazzino Exclusive Bonuses may change at any time, so it is advisable to check their conditions frequently on the platform. On the other hand, this promo code is always added before making a deposit into your account and does not apply if it is added afterwards.

At this Brazilian casino and betting site, the rollover for this type of promotion is x30 (x50 if it's in euros). In other words, the user must bet on casino games for a total amount greater than 30 times the value of the bonus. After that, you can withdraw the corresponding amount.

In the case of Free Spins bets, this is x40 (x50 if in euros). Here, the user must bet a total amount on the games that exceeds 40 times what was won in the Free Spins rounds. You can also remove it later. Note: Free Spins bonuses will only be activated for the next 24 hours.

777 Brazzino and its anniversary bonus

This Brazzino method applies to deposits of at least 500 reais, 100 dollars or 100 euros. All you have to do is send an email to the platform's customer service team, attaching a copy or photo of your identity document showing your date of birth.

Your request will then be processed at Brazzino and the birthday bonus will remain in your account to be applied as follows: the amount of your last deposit multiplied by 25%. And all this simply by validating your identity document just as you did when registering on the platform.

Other aspects of the validity of this anniversary promotion are:

  1. You must use the same payment methods you use for deposits and withdrawals
  2. This promotion is only granted to players who apply three days before their birthday and three days after.
  3. The bonus is only valid once a year.
  4. You are eligible for this offer if you have deposited a minimum of 500 reais, 100 dollars or 100 euros
  5. The maximum amount is 500 reais, 100 dollars or 100 euros
  6. Wagering on casino games with the birthday bonus is X5. In other words, the total value of the bet must exceed 5 times the value of the promotion

Remember that with the Brazzino birthday bonus the same conditions apply to dealer games, eSports, showdown games, 5% base bets, as well as single and system bets.

Accumulator bonus of up to 125% on the 777 Brazzino

This is one of the promotions that most attracts the attention of Brazzino's official users because it considerably improves winnings from matched betting. In other words, the more matches you choose, the more significant your winnings will be with the accumulator bonus.

Use this Brazzino bonus by choosing at least 4 matches, tournaments, cups or championships whose odds of winning are no less than 1.25 on a betting ticket. The next thing is to wait for the results and get this promotion. However, on this platform the percentages of this promo code are applied to the potential profit associated with the multiple betting mode.

If, among the bets that will be applied in this mode, some are declared void or canceled, they will not be included in the calculation of this promotion. This will affect the actual amount reported on the bet slip. Please note: with this and other bonuses, the official Brazzino administration may change the terms of delivery to users without notice.